Burnie High School

Grade nine student Pippi Maynard aiming high and creating change

Aiming high: Pippi Maynard with some of her artwork and two t-squares she made in a woodworking class. Picture: Kathryn Bermingham, The Advocate.

Fifteen-year-old Pippi Maynard dreams of travelling the world as a flight attendant, and she's got a clear idea of how she'll get there.

"I've read a lot about it and it says I need grade twelve finished and good customer service skills," she said. 

"I applied at Woolworths so hopefully I'm going to get a job there and I'm planning on going to college."

There's no shortage of options for Pippi, who is currently completing grade nine at Burnie High School.

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Story by Kathryn Bermingham, The Advocate