Burnie High School

Street party to end war memories exhibition

MUSEUM EXHIBIT: Burnie High School grade 9 students Avalon Starick and Tom Hoare look at some of the scrapbooks inspired by World War I and created as part of their studies.  Picture: Grant Wells, The Advocate. 

When guns fell silent and World War I ended, people celebrated with street parties as a special treat for children. 

Burnie will recreate those gatherings to mark the end of its museum's exhibition of 100 objects bringing to life the war for visitors.

The street party will resemble those in Britain's past, with homemade lemonade, scones with jam, sponge cake and games of hopscotch and knuckle bones.

Burnie Regional Museum community engagement officer Cass Gladwell said there would be fun and frivolity, with Union flag bunting draped about and impromptu performances. 

Ms Gladwell said Burnie Regional Museum's 100 Years: 100 Objects exhibition drew visitors by appealing to all fives senses.

"It's been a huge success," she said.  "People find it really easy to engage in, which is what you want from an exhibition."

Visitors could smell trench foot and eat Anzac biscuits, taking them 100 years back to the war. 

"If you can smell trench foot, you can almost imagine being in the trenches," Ms Gladwell said.

The museum has also exhibited grade nine students' World War I scrapbooks of poem and reflections.

Teacher Anne McCulloch said students had the chance to think about the war from a personal perspective.

They looked at photos from the war and created a trench in their classroom, holding part of their lesson in it.

Grade nine student Tom Hoare said the scrapbook project challenged him to think outside the box.

"I personally loved researching and writing about the battles of the Western Front."

Student Avalon Starick said it was amazing to learn what people went through in the war. "For me, making the scrapbook was great as it was hands-on and required elements of creativity which made learning about the war much more enjoyable."

The World War I street party will be held on Saturday from noon at Burnie Regional Museum.

Entry for adults is $12 and for children $8, while a family ticket for two adults and three children costs $30.  The 100 Years: 100 Objects exhibition closes the day before.

Story by Doug Dingwall, The Advocate.