Burnie High School

Bacteria Busters

Burnie High student Amy Hicks discusses her experiment with judge Craig Morris.  Picture: Grant Wells, The Advocate. 

PURSUING science as a career offers plenty of opportunities to help people, says Burnie High student Amy Hicks.

The year nine student presented an investigation titled Bacteria Busters to judges at the University of Tasmania's Science Investigation Awards.

After taking out one of the awards last year with a project looking at growing bacteria in swiss cheese, she wanted to go further into the world of bacteria. 

"I wanted to look at the different types of natural and commercial products which may stop the growth of bacteria," Amy said.

This gave her an opportunity to explore areas of microbiology, which gives her more insight into another field of science.

"I've always loved science because it has endless possibilities.  You can go absolutely anywhere and you can help people," she said.

Amy is still considering where a career in science may actually lie, but is enjoying exploring the different possibilities.

"We haven't covered anything like this in science at school so its been a great learning curve," she said.

Story by Luke Sayer, The Advocate.