Burnie High School

Students display artwork at end of year

Burnie High School year 10 art students (from left) Leanne Butcher, Kristy Sonners, Madeline Johnston, Chloe McDairmid and Dakota Gallagher.  Photo courtesy of The Advocate.

Artistic minds were celebrated at Burnie High School's end-of-year art exhibition, which was opened by Burnie City Council mayor Anita Dow.

"Every year it gets stronger and this year is the strongest we've had," Burnie High School art teacher Patrick Grieve said.

"The benefit of having an exhibition is that younger students can aspire to get to this standard in year 10 and they can see what a top student looks like."

Mr Grieve said the students learnt all styles of art during their time at BHS and then chose the style that most-interested them, to create a substantial port-folio of work.

Most of the year 10 students would continue studying art at college next year, he said.

Graffiti about Melbourne streets was a huge inspiration for Chloe McDairmid's colourful large-scale pieces.

"I think graffiti gives towns and cities more character and it can be done really well," Chloe, 16, said.  "The scribbles give it character and I enjoy experimenting with colours," she said.

Trips overseas inspired Dakota Gallagher's water-colour art display.  The 16-year-old has travelled extensively, including to Turkey and the Philippines.

"I love getting all the colours to blend in.  They're simple colours but they blend in a certain way and it looks amazing." Dakota said.

Story courtesy of The Advocate.