Burnie High School

Raeleigh Phillips, 321-GO's "hare"

Raeleigh Phillips, 321-GO's "hare" leader for the 7 and under boys race. Picture courtesy of The Advocate.

It takes a fit teenager to beat more than 200 excited young children.

The "hares" have the difficult task of not only leading each Health Care Insurance 321-GO race, and guiding all of the little athletes through the course, but also ensuring they remain in front of the competitors.

Raeleigh Phillips, 321-GO's "hare" leader for the 7 and under boys race, is a veteran of the kids' event.

"I always wanted to be the hare.  When I was younger I always thought 'I wish I could do that'," Raeleigh, 14, said.

The Burnie High School student finished her ninth, and final, 321-GO race last year, but was keen to come back and help this year.

"I have to stay in front and they chase me, so I have to make sure I keep a good distance," Raeleigh said.

"I was trying to help them along," she said, about leading the race. "I was a little bit worried they'd outrun me."

Raeleigh competed in the B&E Burnie Ten last weekend, and said her years in 321-GO had prepared her well for the larger race.

"It was hard, but I got through it," she said.

"It's good because they help you prepare for the Burnie Ten and you get free entry to it after you finish nine 321-GO races."

Story by Emily Woods, The Advocate.