Burnie High School

Ready to ride

READY TO RIDE:  Vanders Ute, Trays and Metal Works owner-manager Dean Vanderwerf and Burnie High School grade 10 student Matt Last with Matt's trike.  Picture:  Meg Windram, The Advocate.

SIXTEEN-year-old Matt Last is champing at the bit to test ride hs custom built trike on Wednesday.

Vanders Ute, Trays and Metal Works owner-manager Dean Vanderwerf said the Burnie High School grade 10 student had grown exponentially during the Developing Regional Interest in Future Technologies (DRIFT) program.

With less than a week until the program's completion day activities, Matt said there were just a few finishing touches to make before his slider was race ready.

"We've got to fix the seat on, and we've got to do a little bit of work with the back axle, but otherwise it's pretty ready to race," Matt said.

Matt's got big aspirations ahead of his trike's racing debut.

"I'm hoping for a win, that would be nice," he said.

From 11am on Wednesday at Penguin, competitors will take part in time trials and drift bike challenges, and a number of the bikes will be on display.

Industry partners and supporters will also be in attendance to speak to students about pathways into a number of different industries.

Mr Vanderwerf said Matt had shouldered the majority of the work.

"We had to show him how to use some equipment like the grinder and the guillotine press, but otherwise it's all been his ideas and we've just helped to guide him," he said.

Matt said the DRIFT program had made him more certain he wished to work as a sheet metal fabricator in the future.

Story by Adam Langenberg, The Advocate