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Make the transition a smooth one

The change from primary school to high school can be a stressful time for both children and parents.

The change from primary to high school requires families to be organised

The transition from primary to high school should be a time of excitement and happiness, as students reach this important milestone in their lives.

Ensure the process is as stress-free as possible, by helping your child to prepare for it.

With new surroundings, increased teachers, classes and resources, and a different approach to education, there is a lot for students to familiarise themselves with.

Consider the following when preparing your child for high school.

Preparing for multiple classes

At high school, there are usually more items that you will need to bring to each class than you had to bring for a whole week at primary school.

You might have as many as five or six different subjects a day, and each lesson will have its own books, textbooks and homework.

To ensure you are adequately prepared for each class, consider the following:

  • To ensure you remember what you need to bring to each class, write it down.
  • Most schools will have a student diary or planner as part of its school book list, so make sure you are using this every day.

Handling more homework

You may get a homework timetable in your first week at high school and this may involve doing a litle bit of homework every night.

Planning when and how long you will spend on homework will ensure you complete it all, and by the deadlines required.

  • Use your school diary to create a weekly plan, listing the times of an evening that you have extra curricular activities and the times when you will do homework.  Try to allocate at least half an hour to one hour every day.
  • If you fall behind, have trouble completing your homework or don't understand something, talk to your teacher straight away.
  • Each school may have a different homework policy and it is important to familiarise yourself with it.

Expect more teachers

It is common at high school to have different teachers for some or all of your classes.

Each teacher will have their own rules and way of teaching their classes.

However, your home group teacher will be the same and you will have regular times in home group where they will take attendance and share important information.

  • If you have a problem that you can't discuss with your subject teachers, try talking to your home group teacher about what to do.

Information was sourced from www.education.tas.gov.au

Image and article supplied by The Advocate.


Burnie High School will be holding an Information Evening for parents who would like their children to join our school community in 2015, on Tuesday June 24, at 7.00 pm in the School Hall.  Future students are welcome to attend with their parents.