Burnie High School

Best friends get claws out


GETTING INTO CHARACTER:  Charlotte Austin Lund and Georgia Gray perform during the Burnie eisteddfod character duologue, grades 7 and 8.  Picture:  Grant Wells, The Advocate.

Character duologue hits close to home

Clothing, tissues and catalogues strewn across a living room floor signalled the beginning of a fight.

When an apartment owner, played by Abbi O'Connor, came home to the mess caused by her friend, played by Shanlyn Palmer, a catfight ensued.

The two Burnie girls, who are best friends in real life, performed a character duologue at the Burnie City Eisteddfod yesterday afternoon.

The Burnie High School students proved you can get the claws out for a stellar on-stage performance.

The girls said the story hit close to home.

"My bedroom is a bit messy sometimes," Shanlyn said with a giggle.

To prepare themselves for their duologue, the girls had their practising method down pat.

"One would act out their lines, and the other would listen, then swap," Abbi said.

The girls offered one another constructive feedback to help get their characterisation right.

The speech and drama section began on Monday and finishes tonight.

The music section begins on Saturday.

The eisteddfod is held at the Burnie Arts and Function Centre.

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Story by Damita Lamont, The Advocate