Burnie High School

West Park Plants Plus

West Park Plants Plus employees Brendan Griffiths (left), 18, of Burnie, and Shaye Roberts (centre), 17, of Somerset, are enjoying their chosen pathways into horticulture with West Park Plants Plus manager Matt Bond after taking part in the Trainee and Apprentice Pathway Program. Picture: Meg Windram, The Advocate.

Jobs from outside the box at West Park Plants Plus

Among the doom and gloom of recent youth unemployment statistics in the North-West, one business is giving greenthumbed students an opportunity to improve their employment prospects.

West Park Plants Plus, in Burnie, has been offering Trainee and Apprenticeship Pathway Program placements to students with an interest in nursery horticulture, retail or landscaping for the past three years.

Two apprentices have gone on to secure full-time work at the centre: Brendan Griffiths, 18, and Shaye Roberts, 17.

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Story by Vanessa Desloires, The Advocate