Burnie High School

Giggle for a good cause


FUND-RAISER: Teachers Sam Wells, Mathew Smart, Geoff Davis and Sam Johnstone grew real moustaches while students Connor Bracken, Charlotte Austin-Lund and Jake Blight raised funds for Movember.  Picture: Courtesy of The Advocate.

BHS community gets behind Movember for men's health

The students of Burnie High School are finding fund-raising a laugh.

Several teachers have grown moustaches to raise money for Movember in support of men's health.

Year 7B class captain Charlotte Austin-Lund had the idea of a school Movember.

Charlotte said men's health did not often get the attention it deserved.

She thought it would be funny to see her previously clean-shaven teachers grow a hairy upper lip.

"Some of them are really clean cut," Charlotte said.

She said men's health needed attention before things changed.

"It's becoming more prominent," she said.

A lack of awareness added to the issue, Charlotte said.

She is one of several year 7 class captains who have organised fund-raisers this year.

Olivia Ollington, the 7C class captain, did not reveal what she or the other year 7 class captains had in store for her peers and teachers.

Olivia is also getting involved with Movember.

"We are having a competition between each class to see who can raise the most money," Olivia said.

One of the home classes had raised $97 on Wednesday.

Charlotte's class last week was winning, although Olivia admitted she would compete until the last whisker was shaved off.

The Movember drive at Burnie High School had raised almost $700 recently.

The school hopes to reach $1000 before the end of the month.

As a grand finale, the teachers will shave their moustaches on Friday at a school barbecue.

The girls said teacher Geoff Davis had the best moustache and Mathew Smart was a contender for the silliest moustache.

Burnie High School students will vote for the silliest moustache at the grand finale shave-off.

"It'd be pretty tight," the class captains said.

The Movember challenge has been one of several fund-raising efforts at Burnie High this year.

Teacher Sam Wells said he was not sure how much money the school had raised this year but said it would be a significant amount.

The school's causes have included the RSPCA, Care Interact, Sids for Kids and Tim Blair's running efforts.

Everyone is welcome to support Burnie High School's Movember drive by donating at http://au.movember.com/team/1104097.

Story by Jason Thomas, The Advocate