Burnie High School

Cracking codes for future employment

CODED MESSAGE: BitLink managing director James Riggall speaks to Burnie High School students on Monday.  Picture: Imogen Elliott, The Advocate. 

THE advanced manufacturing industry may one day benefit from a technology workshop hosted at North-West Coast schools on Monday. 

The University of Tasmania partnered with Launceston-based technology education company BitLink to deliver workshops teaching students about different technologies in innovative industries. 

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Story by Imogen Elliott, The Advocate

Burnie Eisteddfod 2018

BURNIE EISTEDDFOD 2018: Olivia Saward of Burnie High School Band at the Burnie Eisteddfod. Pictures Brodie Weeding, The Advocate.

 Rhys Kirkland of Burnie High School

Aston Taylor of Burnie High School

Direct trade apprenticeships

DIRECT TRADE: Ben Marshall, Cody Sutcliffe and Riley Gunton are all year 10 students who will work with production manager Damian Smith while completing high school.

DIRECT Edge Manufacturing want their new apprentices to stay in school and finish year twelve while they complete their certificates.

Six apprentices are beginning the school-based apprenticeship program, which will see students working one or two days a week at the Direct Edge while completing their studies full-time.

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Story by Lucy Slade, The Advocate

Motorised bin and plastic reduction plan in Big Idea Challenge

BIG THINKERS: Projects by Zali Munday, Nathan Wells and Samaa Daim have been shortlisted for the Big Idea Challenge. Picture: Matt Powell, The Advocate. 

TAKING rubbish bins out for collection a little-loved household chore but it can be a nightmare for people with disabilities. 

That's why Burnie High School student Zali Munday created Robotic Rubbish, a motorised bin that takes itself to the curb. 

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Story by Lachlan Bennett, The Advocate

Finding inspiration in art

INSPIRED: Current year 10 students at Burnie High School, Boki Mrgic, Riley Flynn and Ryan Bentley, with the artwork now on display.  Picture: Lara Hay, The Advocate.

BURNIE High School is providing current students the opportunity to take artistic inspiration from their former peers.

An exhibition featuring works from three previous students, who recently completed year 12 at Hellyer College, showcases a portfolio of works from the whimsical to the interpretive.

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Story by Lara Hay, The Advocate

A freezing fundraiser at Burnie High

POOL PLUNGE: A student catapults into a pool of icy water at the Burnie High School Big Freeze fundraiser. Picture: Brodie Weeding, The Advocate. 

MUSIC teacher Lana Stokes stands on top of a hill dressed in a penguin-pattern onesie with a look of absolute terror on her face. 

Before her lies a slippery slide with a pool of icy water at the bottom. 

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Story by Lachlan Bennett, The Advocate

Burnie High School celebration dinner | gallery

Burnie High School celebration dinner

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Careers program kicks off in Burnie

CRAZY CONTRAPTIONS: Burnie High School grade 9 students Lily Cooper and Hayley Beamish built a Rube Goldberg machine as part of a 'Welcome to P-TECH' session. Picture: Lachlan Bennett, The Advocate. 

STUDENTS put their engineering skills and understanding of physics to the test as part of a new career pathways program. 

P-TECH is a global initiative where schools and local industry unite to prepare students for the careers of the future. 

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Story by Lachlan Bennett, The Advocate

Pilot gets kids job-ready

READY TO ROLL: P-TECH participants from Burnie High School Kayden Rowland, Jayden Ralston and Kyron Bacon with Elphinstone operations manager Mal Watkinson. Picture: Brodie Weeding, The Advocate.

BUSINESSES and schools in greater Burnie have teamed up to provide opportunities for young people to pursue the technology-inspired careers of the future.

The two groups are involved in P-TECH, an international education model currently being piloted in 14 different locations across Australia.

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Story by Lachlan Bennett, The Advocate

Great donation showdown at Burnie High School

Ambitious: Grade 10 students Georgie Blake and Ebony Beaumont hope Burnie High School can fill four boxes for the Mission Possible food drive. Picture: Cordell Richardson, The Advocate.

A rivalry is brewing between the four grades at Burnie High School.

The battleground? Mission Possible.

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Story by Sarah Lansdown, The Advocate

Enjoyment for all at triathlon challenge

TAG: Burnie High runner Marli Bourn takes over from cyclist Campbell Palmer at the Schools Triathlon Challenge in Devonport. Picture: Scott Gelston.

IT WAS relaxed fun in the sun in Devonport on Wednesday as the opening day of the Schools Triathlon Challenge was held at the Bluff.

Secondary students led off the program, which will see 1765 students in total from the north of Tasmania take part.

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Story by Brad Cole, The Advocate